How To Increase Her Sex Drive

5 Simple Steps To Increase Her Sex Drive

So you want your girl to be as horny and wanting you as much as you want her. Sometimes that fluctuates in relationships. Let’s talk about how to increase her sex drive in the bedroom.

The number one way to increase her sex drive, and her desire to want to have sex, is to teach her how to have a full-body vaginal orgasm. The majority of women have never had a vaginal orgasm before, so when you teach her how to have an orgasm, say via her G-spot or her A-spot, you’re going to awaken a part of her sexuality that she may not have even known was there.

You can even teach her how to have a squirting orgasm, which is an orgasm where female ejaculate comes out of the urethra at the time of orgasm.

It’s going to be a full-body release. When she experiences this, she’s going to crave it and desire it even more, which is absolutely (absolutely) amazing. So, I would definitely say it’s the number one way to increase her sex drive.

However, there’s a lot of variables (and that could be physiological or emotional) that could be in the way as well. Physiologically, things like birth control pills that are too high in estrogen may decrease her sex drive. Women who are going through menopause or post-menopause may need some hormone replacement therapy to bring their libido back up.

Women who are under a lot of stress, and who experience a lot of cortisol in their body, oftentimes see their sex drive go down. So sometimes stressful situations can cause her to lose her libido.

Lack of sleep can also cause her to lose a little bit of her libido, because we make testosterone at night, and testosterone is a very important hormone for women’s sex drive. Even though they don’t have as much as men, it is still very, very important.

A fifth physiological reason could be anti-depressants, and the SSRI class of drugs are known to decrease sexual desire and ability to orgasm.

So those are all physiological factors to take into consideration. But on the emotional or mental side of things or relationship side of things, you might look at your relationship and say, “Are you sexually exciting enough in the relationship?”

Often, as time goes by, we get into too many bad habits. She might love you to death, but she might not desire you anymore because the character of who you’ve become, or lack of fulfilling her needs has caused her to turn that part of her desire down.

So, you might look at strengthening your emotional relationship without even the consideration of sex, to create an actual emotional connection that you share beyond just the day-to-day. Really reconnecting, meeting her needs for certainty, for feeling love, and feeling significant. Also important is her need for variety in your relationship, and not just the variety of sex, but the variety of what you guys do together and how you connect.

So much of that is important because a lot of that connection with you, and her desire towards you, fluctuates on how she feels about you in the moment. So, you also need to take into consideration those types of things and really make sure that you focus on your relationship. Give her what she needs and desires so that she can look up to you, feel connected with you, and actually really want to give herself to you.

Make her feel desirable, not just by telling her, “Babe, you look good today,” make her feel that you want her. After those relationship snags really get ironed out, she’s going to admire you as a man, and then feel wanted by a man she desires, and that’s going to make her feel desirable. That’s going to really crank up the volume and make her want sex even more.

And then, when you can actually follow that up by giving her a full-body squirting orgasm, she’s going to absolutely desire and want sex more than she ever has in life, and only from you -because you’re the one who has taken the time to meet her emotional needs, understand her physical body, and given her the best orchestrated sexual experience of her life.

It really doesn’t take much more than that, just some simple steps and understanding what it takes to do them. So, those are all great things to consider when you want to know how to increase her sex drive in the bedroom.

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